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Sri Balaji Assemblies & Plastics (P)Ltd

Moulding Unit

                                 FULLY AUTOMATIC CNC MOULDING M/C - 3Nos
                                 VERTICAL CNC MOULDING MACHINE - 1 No
                                 SEMI -AUTOMATIC MACHINES - 2Nos
                                  HAND MOULDING MACHINES - 1Nos

Assembly Unit

                             AUTO WIRE CUTTING & STRIPPING MACHINE - 1No
                             SEMI - AUTOMATIC CRIMPING MACHINES - 5 Nos
                             WAVE SOLDERING MACHINE - 1No
                             PNEUMATIC TOGGLE PRESS - 5Nos
                             PNEUMATIC OPERATED PRESS - 5Nos
Coil Winding Unit

                                 CNC AUTO WINDING MACHINES - LEADER MAKE -3Nos
                                 CNC AUTO WINDING MACHINES - SYNTHESIS MAKE -15Nos
                                 SKAP WINDING MACHINE - 10Nos

Other Facilities

                                250KVA GENARATOR
                                250 KVA STABILIZER
                               160cfm COMPRESSOR

Tooling Unit
                              SPARK EROSION MACHINE
                              MILLING MACHINE

Machine Shop

                              CNC TURNING CENTRE ( SUPER CUT 6 )- 2 Nos
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